Diana and Simon Wedding Story in Bali​

Let me share with you the heartwarming story of Diana and Simon’s unforgettable Bali destination wedding, which led to a lasting friendship and shared adventures.

Diana, originally from Indonesia, and Simon, from Australia but now residing in Hong Kong, envisioned a wedding that beautifully blended their cultural backgrounds. As their dedicated Bali wedding planner from Chroma Wedding, I had the pleasure of bringing their dream to life.

After months of meticulous planning and collaboration, their wedding day at Villa Plenilunio was a magical celebration of love and unity. The exquisite decorations by Konsep Sejiwa set the perfect ambiance, reflecting the couple’s unique style and personality.

Capturing every precious moment was Why Imaging by Yano Sumampow, whose stunning wedding photos perfectly encapsulated the joy and emotion of the day. Ario Narendro’s videography beautifully complemented the photography, creating a timeless keepsake for Diana and Simon to cherish.

The culinary experience was curated by Amazing Bali Catering, delighting guests with an array of delicious dishes that highlighted Bali’s rich culinary heritage.

Following their enchanting wedding, Diana and Simon’s journey with Chroma Wedding didn’t end there. Our bond extended beyond the wedding day, and Diana and I became good friends. Together, we embarked on a memorable travel adventure to Korea, further solidifying our connection beyond the wedding planning process.

At Chroma Wedding, we believe in creating more than just weddings—we create lasting relationships and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding like Diana and Simon’s or seeking a trusted Bali wedding planner to bring your vision to life, let Chroma Wedding be your guide.

Contact us today to begin your journey towards a magical wedding celebration in Bali, where dreams come true and memories are made.

Bali Wedding Photo: Why Imaging by Yano Sumampow 
Bali Wedding Video: Ario Narendro
Bali Wedding Decoration: Konsep Sejiwa
Bali Wedding Catering: Amazing Bali Catering
Bali Wedding Venue: Villa Plenilunio

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