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Where love stories become cherished memories.


Discover why couples choose Chroma Wedding for their dream weddings in Bali.


We specialize in creating unforgettable weddings in Bali. Our team blends your vision with our expertise to craft joyful, stylish, and timeless events. Let’s make your dream wedding a reality!


The Principal

Passionate, detail-oriented former fashion editor/stylist now creates memorable atmospheres for weddings.


Wedding Team

CHROMA team, a fiery mix of creativity, expertise, and flair committed to cooking up unforgettable experiences just for you!


Discover the enchanting tales of couples who tied the knot in Bali, the Island of Gods and paradise. Explore their testimonials and uncover the captivating behind-the-scenes stories of this dream wedding destination


Embark on a journey with the finest wedding planner in Bali, where communication flows like a gentle breeze. Let us weave magic into your wedding destination, freeing you from the burdens of planning and turning your dreams into reality.


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Frequently Ask Question

Answers to important questions

How long have you been a wedding planner, and what led you to this career?

I have been crafting dream weddings since 2009. My journey started as a fashion editor in Jakarta, then took a romantic turn in 2006 when I moved to Bali with my wedding photographer husband.

Helping him with marketing, I dived into the wedding scene, made tons of vendor friends, and found my true calling as a wedding planner. Now, I bring my flair and expertise to every celebration!

At Chroma Wedding, we’re all about spreading joy through unforgettable celebrations!

Initially, I thought wedding planning was all about stunning designs, but now I know it’s about making the process stress-free and fun for you. From budgets to coordination, we’ve got it covered, so you can enjoy the tastings and gown fittings!

We’re known for our calm vibes, ensuring you feel relaxed throughout. Plus, we’ll never pressure you into using specific vendors – it’s all about finding the perfect fit for you!

We can’t wait to meet you and tailor your big day to reflect your unique style and personality. Let’s create the happiest wedding ever!

Planning a destination wedding can be incredibly time-consuming, especially when it comes to finding reliable vendors.

But fear not! As experienced wedding planners, I’ve got you covered. I have a trusted network of vendors at my fingertips, tailored to your tastes and budget.

This means less time spent scouring the internet and more time for you to focus on what matters most.

And while our professional fee may be slightly above average, it’s well worth it for the peace of mind and stress-free planning experience we provide.

Plus, I’ll make sure your budget stays on track and protect you from any unreliable vendors.

Certainly! At Chroma Wedding, your vision is our priority.

While we handle the details, your input is key, ensuring your wedding reflects your style and stays within budget.

With Milka’s expertise, we’ll create a memorable day that’s uniquely yours.

Yes, I have established relationships with a select group of reputable wedding vendors in Bali who are known for their professionalism and reliability.

For the sunniest skies and most pleasant weather, plan your Bali wedding during the dry season, from April to October.

It’s the perfect time to say “I do” in paradise!

Ideally, start planning your dream Bali wedding 12-18 months in advance to secure your favorite venues and vendors. If you’re on a tighter schedule, we can work with a 3-6 months timeline, but remember, a bit more time gives you the best chance at perfection!
Bali, with its enchanting mix of breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and lavish venues, stands out as the ultimate destination for your dream wedding. Picture saying “I do” on a pristine beach, atop a majestic cliff, or amidst lush mountainous gardens – the island offers a myriad of stunning backdrops to match every couple’s unique style and preferences.

To kickstart your Bali wedding journey, simply reach out us for a consultation. We’ll dive into your vision, answer any queries, and begin crafting the perfect plan for your unforgettable celebration in paradise.

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Where love stories become cherished memories.


Chroma Wedding

Brides Best Friend

At Chroma Wedding, we’re all about you! From understanding your vision to crafting lifetime memories, we infuse ease, joy, and style into every moment. With a blend of strategy, negotiation, and comfort, we construct events that transcend trends and embrace traditions. Let’s create unforgettable moments together!