The Wedding of Tanya and Sajid

Tanya and Sajid Wedding Story in Bali Step into the enchanting world of Tanya and Sajid’s Bali wedding, where the rich tapestry of Javanese and Indian traditions wove together against the breathtaking backdrop of Bali’s cliffs. Their story is one of love that spanned continents, brought to life with meticulous planning by Milka, their Bali […]

The Wedding Of Tessa & Mike

Tessa & Mike Wedding Story in Bali The wedding journey of Tessa and Mike in Bali was truly an unforgettable celebration, filled with special touches courtesy of Chroma Wedding, lead by Milka, seorang wedding planner berpengalaman yang sudah lama berteman dengan Yuko, sahabat dekat pasangan ini. Sebagai seorang wedding planner, Milka percaya bahwa memahami kepribadian […]

Jesse and Mahsa Wedding Story in Bali

Jesse and Mahsa Wedding Story in Bali Planning Jesse and Mahsa’s wedding was a truly remarkable experience for me. Bringing together the traditions of a Jewish American groom and an Iranian bride was incredibly exciting and fulfilling. Working closely with Jesse and Mahsa, we curated every detail of their wedding, blending Iranian customs that were […]

Chanel and Patrick Wedding Story in Bali​

Chanel and Patrick Wedding Story in Bali Through Facebook messages recommended by friends and a subsequent video call followed by a meeting in Bali, I had the pleasure of getting to know Chanel and Patrick, the lovely couple whose destination wedding I had the honor of planning. Chanel’s family was incredibly enthusiastic and supportive throughout […]

The Wedding of Ridwan and Michelle

The Jewel in the heart of the Lotus, have lots of meanings in this wedding. Lotus theme with Red, white, pink & green make brushed color for Ridwan & Michelle. Realizing the Dream of a “LOTUS” as their Bali wedding destination theme is like brushing in another blank canvas for Milka. The uniqueness of the […]

The Wedding of Elisabeth and Cristobal

Lush and greeneries wedding by the beach with holy matrimony legal in Catholic Church Elisabeth is from the Netherlands and Cristobal is from Chile, they met in Hong Kong and wedding in Bali. They plan to do Bali wedding destinations because of their memorable engagements in Bali  They decided to do Catholic legal marriage in […]

The Wedding of Ken and Melanie

Due to the eruptions of Mount Agung as Bali’s force major and the termination of Ngurah Rai Airport was a big challenge for Melanie & Ken Bali wedding destinations. Everything that was planned is ruined, some closest friends and colleagues can not attend their wedding in Bali ontime. To postpone the date was a very […]

The Wedding of Justin and Christy

Coral rustic combinations with green and yellow and touch of industrial feelings Having a good bonding and communication between Bali  Wedding Planner and the bride and groom are important. The beginning of Justin & Christy’s big day starts with a hard rainstorm from night to early in the morning that does not stop. It is […]

The Wedding of Pete and Asti

Elegant & Romantic theme with overlooking ocean view of Bali wedding Venue. Pete and Asti asked Milka directly to plan their Bali wedding destination. Simply they’ve chosen Milka because of her experience as Bali wedding planner for over 10 years. Wedding plans and schedules are always made by Milka with great precision, so that on the […]

The Wedding of Eko and Elly

The Night to Remember Chroma Wedding the hottest Bali Wedding Planner, help Eko and Elly to persuade their dream to have a romantic wedding destination in Bali. From Ayana Resort Bali as their place to make all preparation, Denpasar Cathedral as their wedding ceremony take places and Tirtha Luhur for their wedding dinner, all places […]