The Wedding of Ken and Melanie


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Due to the eruptions of Mount Agung as Bali’s force major and the termination of Ngurah Rai Airport was a big challenge for Melanie & Ken Bali wedding destinations.

Everything that was planned is ruined, some closest friends and colleagues can not attend their wedding in Bali ontime.

To postpone the date was a very hard decision for Melanie & Ken, because half of the guests have already arrived in Bali.

The one week extensions of their Bali wedding date make a good conclusion. 

Milka with her manageable expertise can anticipate the situation perfectly. 

Their  wedding destination was succeeded together with elegant Bali wedding decorations and extraordinary views at Uluwatu,  accomplishing a truly happy ending.

“Thank you so much for making this day so smoothly. Thanks for coordinating everything, from the tea ceremony, the actual wedding ceremony, to the reception. The work that you and your team have done was amazing. We can not imagine organizing this all without you. Thank you also for your patience, and putting up with us for the past 7-8 months. Wishing you continued success in your business venture”

Ken & Melanie – Melbourne


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