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Coffee turns into a unique beverage at weddings


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Public interest in coffee consumption does not stop with the proliferation of coffee shops in many big cities. This beverage has penetrated many domains, including wedding parties. 

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In the middle of wedding vendors such as catering, decorations, even venues, at the inauguration of the wedding marketplace, Bali Wedding Easy, at the IC Center, Kuta, Bali, Friday, May 17, 2019, there is a coffee serving booth, Nutbrown Coffee. 

Yogi Rabani, as Nutbrown Coffee staff, explained that they have been trying to offer coffee serving services at weddings for a year. “The market in Bali has an interest in coffee,” he said. 

He added, Nutbrown Coffee was originally only served at events and meetings. However, seeing the interest shown, they tried to reach a wider market, namely the prospective wedding couple. 

Not only as a souvenir, this beverage that is closely related to Indonesian local wisdom can now be enjoyed at weddings. “Besides being a favorite beverage, coffee is usually a substitute for alcohol. Because, some events do not allow alcohol, “he said. 

Yogi explained, in the presentation, Nutbrown Coffee used Kintamani arabica coffee as the basis. “All (coffee) is local, especially Bali. More specifically, we took coffee from the Ulian area, Kintamani, “he explained. 

To warm up a wedding, this coffee brand set a package of IDR 3 million for rental booths, equipment and baristas, and IDR 25 thousand for each cup. The type of coffee served is according to the agreement with the wedding couple. 

“The base price is just booth rental. Furthermore, we do not have a minimum order, “he said. 

Unfortunately, the service of serving coffee at this wedding is only available at events in Bali. Not only found in a series of events on the Island of the Gods, Nutbrown Coffee has its own shop in the Denpasar area if you want to stop by.