The Services



Best for your small intimate wedding, we help you to manage your Venue & Vendors and we will follow your timeline & rules.

This services are fit for small number of guest destinations wedding.

  • We will help you to find professional & reliable vendors (Venue, Photographer, Videographer, band, DJ, Caterer, Sound Lighting, etc).

We will do the legwork, hire vendors, negotiate contracts, and may some money-saving deals.

We will get in touch with all vendors with all details & assist the date of technical meeting if any, make summary of all your bookings, coordinate the logistics, make sure everything ready on your big day.

In this services, Chroma will not run for timeline or rundown, mapping, or venue layout, only manage all vendors are ready on wedding day.

Last but not least we will be aware of every detail, every shipment, and every timeline, so you can settle in with a sincere smile.